A Photographer’s Tips For A Perfect Photoshoot

A Photographer’s Tips For A Perfect Photoshoot

Sometimes when looking at the smiling faces in photographs, whether it’s portraits, family photos, or maternity, the subjects appear to be so calm and at ease. But maybe you’re reading this and thinking that you’ve yet to come by a photoshoot where you aren’t stressed and nervous…...

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Sometimes when looking at the smiling faces in photographs, whether it’s portraits, family photos, or maternity, the subjects appear to be so calm and at ease. But maybe you’re reading this and thinking that you’ve yet to come by a photoshoot where you aren’t stressed and nervous… My answer to that is, you may not have been prepared, both mentally and physically, for your shoot date! The trick to an unforgettable photography experience is to be prepared. I’m not just talking about how you look and what you wear, no, today I’m divulging 3 of my tips for planning a perfect photography session!

Tip #1: Practice Posing

A big worry many people have is “How do I Pose?” My question back is, how do you pose? Figuring out your right angle is a unique experience to everyone. What compliments your face and body, might not work for someone else. Of course as a photographer it’s my job to give you direction on this during the shoot, but it helps if you already have an idea of what works for you and feels most natural. I recommend taking some time and practicing some of these tricks I’ve provided below…

1. Make Your Mirror Your Best Friend

Stand in front of your mirror and get familiar with your angles. Take note of the ones that flatter you best and then ask someone to snap a few photos of you in those same positions. It’s easy to ask a friend if they’ll take some photos with their iPhone. Bring them to your photographer and they’ll be able to help you re-create the poses that you feel confident in.

2.  Use The Chin Trick

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Avoid the double chin look by bringing your chin forward before your picture is taken. It may feel silly and straining at first, but the results are astonishing. The shadows you’ve created from your chin to your neck makes for a crisp jawline and a flawless finish.

3.  Lift Yourself Up And Away

What does this mean? I know it sounds funny, but in reality it’s creating space between parts of your body. Instead of having your arm squished to your side, which flattens your muscles creating a less flattering look, try lifting it away from your body and even flexing the slightest amount. This adds definition that the light can play off of, creating beautiful shapes.

Tip #2: Pack a Bag

Packing a bag is a huge stress reliever going into a photoshoot because you’re not worried about “forgetting” something. Here are a few of must haves for your photoshoot bag

1. Snack Time

Feeling hungry on a shoot never leads to a happy smile. Especially when planning a family photoshoot, make sure to have something for your little ones to munch on!

2. A Mini Closet

Pack several outfits including accessories and shoes! That initial look you planned out might not contrast well against the location you’re in. If you have no other options, you’ll end up feeling discouraged and sad toward the photoshoot outcome. Bring items like hats, scarfs and jackets that can easily transform the look.

3. Beauty Hacks

Bobby pins are your best friend on a photoshoot because sometimes we might want to try your hair a different way. Also, try to remember things like foundation powder for combatting shine (both men and women need this) and hairspray to fix fly-aways.

Tip #3: Photoshoot Ready Makeup

If you’re a man and you think this tip doesn’t apply to you, then think again! Makeup can enhance both men and women in photographs, creating a flawless canvas for the camera to capture. Consider having your makeup professionally done, there is a huge difference between our everyday makeup and what works well in photography. Here are some neutral tips that everyone can use…

1. A Flawless Face

Like mentioned before, loose powder can fix up a shiny t-zone avoiding weird reflections in the photo. Prevent that greasy look by using a primer before applying your makeup. Also, use products with a matte finish. Dewy facial items are usually something to avoid when going into a photoshoot.

2. Brighten The Eyes

Using eye drops, before you apply your eye makeup (ladies), will reduce the appearance of bloodshot eyes. You can also apply a little white shadow on the inner corners of your eyes to make them appear bigger and more alert! Men and women can benefit from a little Visine to help soothe any irritation or puffiness that you may have woken up with.

3. Apply In Good Lighting

When applying makeup before a photoshoot, be sure it’s being applied in natural light. Often times our lighting at home washes us out causing us to apply our makeup heavily. That’s why natural lighting is a great guide to see the full effect and results of your makeup before you head out the door and have no time to alter any mistakes.

I hope that with these tips you feel a lot more photo-ready for your next shoot. They’ve worked in the past for my own clients and I know that they’ll work for you. Remember, whenever planning for a photoshoot, your first priority should be to enjoy yourself and have fun.

However, I often provide my clients with even more tricks when working together as I always aim to see that their time spent with me is one that they can reflect upon and remember how simple and carefree it felt. Feel free to check out my portfolio and explore some of my past work and if you are interested in scheduling a photoshoot, please contact me and I look forward to getting in touch.